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Re: [Question #229904]: how to download rohc branch with bazzaar?


Question #229904 on rohc changed:

Audric Schiltknecht posted a new comment:
Actually, there seems to be a bug in bazzar:
- when you are using bazaar over HTTP (ie, without being identified by LP), it downloads the 2.7GB announced by Atik.
- when you are using bazaar over SSH (correctly identified with an SSH key), only ~300MB is downloaded.
No idea where this difference is coming from...

In either case, the resulting 'rohc' folder is (at rev 748) 261MB large (with ~122MB being bazaar metadata, ~138MB for test captures and the remaining is the source code). 
The '--lightweight' checkout option pointed out by Atik does an history-less checkout of the repository, and ~122MB for metada is not downloaded.

Bottom line, if you only want the last revision, a lightweight checkout
should be sufficient enough. If you want access to the full history,
best option is to configure your LP id and SSH credential in your bazaar
configuration (see
https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair for
explainations on how to do this).


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