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Re: [Question #229518]: about feedback (2)


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Friedrich is still having a problem:
Hi Didier,

Thanks. My current situation is that I have to use the non-piggybacking
method frequently since there is only one-way application. Can you
illustrate how to flush the feedback MANUALLY?

Shall I call   
rohc_feedback_flush(c_piggyback_feedback(decomp->compressor, feedback, feedbacksize);
at anywhere having 
c_piggyback_feedback(decomp->compressor, feedback, feedbacksize);
in your codes? 

If so, how often shall I call the rohc_feedback_flush() function? Does
it conform to the RFC3095? For example, in practice, several 4-byte
feedbacks can be combined to send, e.g., two feedbacks with 8 bytes can
be sent in one transmission. Does the rohc_feedback_flush() function
consider this scenario? Or this logic of how often to send totally
depends on me to implement?


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