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[Question #230218]: compressed header size


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Hi Didier,

In my running of V1.5.1, the first four packets are at IR state, then the compressed header size of the rest packets keeps constant at 3 bytes. But in the running of V1.3.1 with the same setup, only the first three packets are at IR state. Do you know the reason why V1.5.1 needs one more IR header packet than V1.3.1 does?

V1.5.1: (timestamp_msec:size_bytes) 1263:38 1283:40 1303:40 1323:40 1343:3 1363:3 1383:3
V1.3.1: (timestamp_msec:size_bytes) 1263:38 1283:40 1303:40 1323:3 1343:3 1363:3 1383:3

V1.5.1: http://pastebin.com/m53vp9Q4
V1.3.1: http://pastebin.com/2He9pUmy

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