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Re: [Question #230409]: Return Value


Question #230409 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
If returned value >= 0, then decompression succeeded and the returned
value is the length of the decompressed packet. Otherwise, decompression
failed and the return value is an error code among:

/// Return code: the action can not proceed because no context is defined
#define ROHC_ERROR_NO_CONTEXT      -1
/// Return code: the action failed due to an unattended or malformed packet
/// Return code: the action failed because the packet only contains feedback info
#define ROHC_FEEDBACK_ONLY         -3
/// Return code: the action failed due to a CRC failure
#define ROHC_ERROR_CRC             -4
/// Return code: the action encountered a problem
#define ROHC_ERROR                 -5

Please note that ROHC_FEEDBACK_ONLY might be considered as a special
case of success too: no data was decompressed but it was expected since
there were no real data to decompress.

The ROHC_ERROR is the generic error code when the others don't apply.


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