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TCP profile merged in main dev branch


Hello all,

I finally merged the ROHCv1 TCP profile in main development branch.

I did the merge to ease testing and debugging the TCP profile in
preparation of the upcoming 1.7.0 release.

The TCP profile was contributed by FWX. Since then, Viveris Technologies
and myself cleaned a little bit the code up, but some work remains:
 - there are probably inconsistencies with ROHC standards,
 - there is duplicate code with other IP-based profiles,
 - the TCP profile crashes in less than 5 minutes with the sniffer tool
   on my personal LAN while browsing the web.

As you see, the TCP profile is still in beta quality, so DO NOT USE IT

Bug reports are welcome if there are easily reproducible: give me a
PCAP capture that makes the non-regression tool crash or report a
(de)compression failure.


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