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[Question #232724]: Error when build iprohc-0.7


New question #232724 on rohc:


  when i build  iprohc-0.7 in Ubuntu, some error occured:

itl@itl:/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7$ make all
Scanning dependencies of target iprohc_common
[  9%] Building C object common/CMakeFiles/iprohc_common.dir/rohc_tunnel.c.o
[ 18%] Building C object common/CMakeFiles/iprohc_common.dir/tun_helpers.c.o
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:31:24: error: libnetlink.h: No such file or directory
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c: In function ‘set_ip4’:
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:265: error: field ‘nh’ has incomplete type
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:266: error: field ‘ip’ has incomplete type
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:269: error: variable ‘rth’ has initializer but incomplete type
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:269: error: unknown field ‘fd’ specified in initializer
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:269: warning: excess elements in struct initializer
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:269: warning: (near initialization for ‘rth’)
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:269: error: storage size of ‘rth’ isn’t known
/home/tony/iprohc/iprohc-0.7/common/tun_helpers.c:272: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘rtnl_open’


What's the problem?


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