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Re: [Question #233909]: about feedback - rohc_feedback_flush()


Question #233909 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux posted a new comment:

> Thanks Didier. Having put the codes in the places, the compilation
> looked perfect. But there are two strange outputs I could not
> understand so far. I am providing the logs.
> Question is: why does the unsent feedback bytes keep increasing by
> interval 6 bytes? It seems that it still counted the flushed feedback
> bytes.

Maybe you aren't flushing quickly enough: how large is the buffer that
you gives to the rohc_feedback_flush() function? 

Another thing, there is a small problem with the function I gave to
you. Please change the following line:
  - if(feedback_length < 8)
  + if(comp->feedbacks[i].length < 8)

> 2. 
> In cycle X, the new feedback bytes are 11-5=6 bytes, I guess. But why
> does the rohc_feedback_flush() only output 5 bytes. Nonetheless, it
> may relate to Point 1 above. I think we can fix Point 1 first, and
> then touch base on this point.

This looks like a consequence of the problem I tell you above.


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