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Re: [Question #234313]: How to debug the rohc library~


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

I don't understand well your questions. Sorry to say that to you, but
you seems to mix almost everything! Really! The traces that you report
are truncated and contain errors and typos ("-" instead of "_" for
example). You ask questions that have straight answers on the website,
wiki or API documentation. You ask the very same questions several
times. You also seems to lack basic knowledge about developement on
Unix/Linux systems. Sorry but you don't match the minimal requirements
for using the ROHC library in your project.

Learn more about dev on Unix/Linux (compilation, binaries, object files,
static and dynamic libraries, autotools). Learn more about revision
control system about revisions and about branches. There are plenty of
books, online tutorials, mailing lists or forums to learn those things.
This mailing list is not the place for that.

Once you got that knowledge, you could come back here. I'll enjoy
helping you on the ROHC protocol and/or the ROHC library.


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