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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


Question #234822 on rohc changed:

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Rockzstar is still having a problem:
make -C test check, fails for me.

some where pass some fails which lead to error. the fails message are.

# TOTAL: 328
# PASS:  0
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  328
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

.. contents:: :depth: 2

FAIL: test_non_regression_malformed-too-short_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/malformed-too-short///source.pcap' not found!

FAIL: test_non_regression_unknown_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/unknown///source.pcap' not found!

FAIL: test_non_regression_ipvx_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/ipvx///source.pcap' not found!

FAIL: test_non_regression_ipv4fragmented_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/ipv4fragmented///source.pcap' not found!

FAIL: test_non_regression_ipv4-with-options_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/ipv4-with-options///source.pcap' not found!

FAIL: test_non_regression_ipv4_icmp_wlsb4_smallcid.sh

source capture './inputs/ipv4/icmp///source.pcap' not found!.

There are many FAIL like this. 
 I have confiure with an option --enable-rohc-tests. Then why still i am getting this?

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