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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


Question #234822 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

> You told that non-regression app will compress and decompress
> the IP packets in one shot. How this can be done.

Don't get me wrong. Oneshot here means that you run the application once
and packets get compressed and decompressed. The application has to call
different functions in the source code.

> From where IP packet(as original input) should take.

Any source.pcap in any test/non_regression/inputs/ subdir is OK.

> In the directory /test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/
> rohc_smallcid.pcap/, is this ROHC packet or IP?

ROHC packets, encoded with small CIDs.

> In the directory ./test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/
> source.pcap. is this ROHC packet or IP??

IP packets.

> The command $ ./test/non_regression/test_non_regression \
>      -c ./test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/rohc_smallcid.pcap smallcid \
>      ./test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/source.pcap
> will just compare the two pcap's??

No, it will read IP packets from source.pcap, compresses them into ROHC
packets (with small CIDs), compares the generated ROHC packets with the
ones in rohc_smallcid.pcap, then decompresses the ROHC packets, and
compares the generated IP packets with the ones in source.pcap.

> Or this app is generating IP packets? if yes, how?

No, IP packets are not generated. They are read from source.pcap.

> And i don't know how it is compressing and decompressing on one
> shot??what is the command to do so?

See the answer to your first question.


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