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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
> I have given this command:
>  $./test/non_regression/test_non_regression -c \
>    ./test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/rohc_wlsb64_smallcid.pcap \
>    smallcid ./test/non_regression/inputs/ipv4/udp/rtp/voip/source.pcap

For the *_wlsb64_*.pcap files, add the "--wlsb-width 64" parameters to
the command line. By default the W-LSB width is set to 4.

> If i create a shared library rohc_common.so is enough or else i have
> to create .so.0.1 also. What is the diffrence between these two?
> Practically i have seen that,both are same.

One is a link to the other. That helps the dynamic linker to load the
correct version of the .so file at runtime if several of them are
available on the system. See libtool documentation for more details:

> I am trying to take only common directory and trying to build and
> create .so files with my makefile. Since this directory didn't have
> main(). It's giving undefined refrence to main. Then how common/
> subdirectory will create .so file.
>  Even decomp also don't have main function

Libraries don't require a main() function. Your application will provide

Why do you want to build the ROHC library with your own Makefile? What
do you try to achieve?


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