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[Question #654021]: rohc mode


New question #654021 on rohc:

hello Didier,

          After reading your  lib 1.7.0 , I find  :
1 . if the received  feedbacks change rohc mode (U-mode ,o-mode or R-mode)   in compressor, but it  do not send the mode changing to the decompressor immediately ,  and decompressor mode can not be changed at this time.  is it right?   It is  only changed when do_change_mode is ture or U-mode.
2.can the  decompressor mode can be changed from O-mode to U-mode? if so ,when?
3.why the R-mode is not implemented yet, it is not difficult, I think the R-mode only has  more feedbacks than the O-mode?

I am looking forward to receiving your answers,Thank you .


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