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[Question #657891]: Clarification on U to O mode transition


New question #657891 on rohc:

I have a clarification  on U to Mode transition, by referring the section 5.6.2 in RFC 3095:

Spec says"When there is a feedback channel available, the decompressor may at
any moment decide to initiate transition from Unidirectional to
Bidirectional Optimistic mode. Any feedback packet carrying a CRC
can be used with the mode parameter set to O. The decompressor can
then directly start working in Optimistic mode. The compressor
transits from Unidirectional to Optimistic mode as soon as it
receives any feedback packet that has the mode parameter set to O and
that passes the CRC check. The transition procedure is described

Here any feedback means ,can we consider ACK(O),NACK(O) or SNACK(O) for U to O mode transition?

If so, the followed figure did mention only ACK(O) , NACK(O)

Here, I am a bit confused with these two  contradictory options.

Can you suggest me the exact method  to be followed?


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