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Re: [Question #661412]: Question Regarding interoperability testing


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Selvaganesan Murugesan posted a new comment:
Hi Didier,

Please find my answers inline below,

* You seem to have configured the ROHC compressor with MAX_CID = 3 since
the compressor uses CID=0,1,2,3 for packets #1-4 and then re-uses CID=0
for packet #5. Is that correct?

<SELVA> Yes, that is correct.

Did you specified some timing information for every packet to the ROHC compressor? 

<SELVA> No, I am giving 0 as the timing for all the packets. I understand that the time must be provided for each packet
during the compression request, I will not be able to use the arrival time from the packet but will use the local time source then let you know the results, I hope this is ok.

Are the TCP and IP-only profiles disabled?

<SELVA> Yes, The only profile enabled is UDP/IP (0x0002). I hope this is
ok .

Selvaganesan M.

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