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Re: use of "Bidirectional Optimistic mode (O-mode)"


Sorry for early alert, I found the answers from previous mails. But now
lets ask difference between R-Mode and O-Mode.

As I read from rfc 3095 R-Mode context updates is more robust then O-mode.
Does context update mean sending IR type rohc packets ? Or sending newly
created context information to decompressor which is done once?

Are there any other differences between O-mode and R-mode?

As read from documentation r-mode is still not implemented. Is that true?
Is there any plan to implement in the future?

Best Regards...

2018-03-13 10:54 GMT+03:00 mehmet sulak <mehmet.sulak@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi to all,
> I want to use  "Bidirectional Optimistic mode (O-mode)" of the rohc
> library but I could not find enough documentation about how to use.
> Actually the thing that I wonder is how feedback channel works.
> How feedback data that is produced in decompressor, is send back to
> compressor. Do I need to use some methods to get feedback data and send
> back to compressor?
> Best Regards..

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