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Re: General Error(6) on DB-LSP-DISC



> Running an RoHC 2.1.0 over a radio link, keep getting code 6 over the
> broadcasts my MAC generates. These are UDP packets of Dropbox Lan
> sync Discovery protocol, which will travel through my link (it is in
> bridged mode) but RoHC refuses to compress them.
> IP and UDP profiles are enabled.
> Is that supported? Capture is attached.

Yes, they should be compressed with the IP/UDP profile. I tested
your capture 11.pcap with the 2.1.0 release. It seems to work fine.

Try running the following commands in the 2.1.0 sources:
 $ ./app/stats/rohc_stats comp smallcid /path/to/11.pcap

If it prints some error message, run it again in verbose mode:
 $ ./app/stats/rohc_stats --verbose comp smallcid /path/to/11.pcap
and send me the output.

You wrote that IP and UDP profiles are enabled. Did you enable the
Uncompressed profile too? If not, it could well explain your problem.
The 11.pcap capture contains some ARP packets. Those non-IP packets
cannot be compressed by the IP-only and IP/UDP profiles. You need to
enable the Uncompressed profile for them.


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