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Le 23 mars 2018 03:41:34 GMT+01:00, Yakir Matusovsky <yakir.matusovsky@xxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
>Can you please explain (refer to RFC) a bit on how this one works?
>Yakir Matusovsky
>MiMOMax Wireless Ltd.


It relates to periodic context refreshes :
https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3095#section- Timeouts, downward transition

When the optimistic approach is taken as described above, there will always be a possibility of failure since the decompressor may not have received sufficient information for correct decompression. Therefore, the compressor MUST periodically transit to lower compression states. Periodic transition to the IR state SHOULD be carried out less often than transition to the FO state. Two different timeouts SHOULD therefore be used for these transitions. For an example of how to implement periodic refreshes, see [IPHC] chapters 3.3.1-3.3.2. 

By default, periodic refreshes are run every N packets (N is configurable with the rohc_comp_set_periodic_refreshes() API fonction).

If the feature ROHC_COMP_FEATURE_TIME_BASED_REFRESHES is enabled, then periodic refreshes are also run every T milliseconds (T is configurable with the rohc_comp_set_periodic_refreshes_time() API fonction).