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Re: Version 2.2.0 published with ROHCv2 profiles



>Have you removed the goal of doing the R-mode from 2.3.0?

The previous goals for 2.3.0 were not definitive goals, but more list of ideas. As 2.2.0 was released, I defined more concrete goals for 2.3.0 and 2.4.0.

Do you need the R-mode for a specific use or for full compliance to standards?

I'm also interested in R-mode, maybe we could work together on it.

>Which bugs from 2.2.0 were not fixed in 2.1.0+patches?

The problem with D flag conformance is not fixed in 2.1.x because it would break protocol compatibility with 2.1.0. Support for RFC3843 Static Chain Termination was not added to 2.1.x for the very same reason. Other fixes, TCP robutness problem especially, are fixed in 2.1.x.

I hope to release a 2.1.1 version in May.