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[Question #670854]: negative feedback & rate limit mechamism


New question #670854 on rohc:


I am quite confused regarding 'rohc_decomp_feedback_nack' function in rohc_decomp.c, in the part where it is decided if feedback will be sent depending on rate-limiting mechanism for successive feedbacks (lines 2229-2271, git branch 2.2.x).

I am not yet very familiar how this mechanism works and its benefits, but the 'if-else if' I am referring to, it makes no difference regarding the nested 'if-else' statements; they are the same:

		if(do_build_ack && infos->do_change_mode)
			rohc_debug(decomp, ROHC_TRACE_DECOMP, infos->profile_id,
			           "force negative ACK because mode changed or compressor "
			           "reported a different mode");
			do_build_ack = true;
			do_build_ack = false;
		do_downward_transition = false;

Was it intended to be like that?
Is there some kind of documentation or other discussion regarding feedback rate-limiting mechanism? Code review is not enough to find out the logic behind that.
Finally, do we need that mechanism? Is there any way to disable it?


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