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Hello everyone,

I am a newcomer to site. I have recently been assigned a task to implement ROHC. So far, I have studied some tutorials and scrutinized ROHC official site. I have also downloaded the ROHC 2.2.0 library and studied the example codes. Nevertheless, I have so many questions in my mind. In order to answer those, could you provide me any support with a more explanatory tutorial about the states, profiles and modes of ROHC? Also, the example applications are insufficient to clearly see what it is. They just contain one packet compression and decompression. So, could you provide me any example code or software design documents to aim at compressing and decompressing many more packets including mode, state transitions with respect to each profile including NACK conditions and retransmission. Because, I still do not know how and when to manage mode and state transitions for each profile in case of both successful and unsuccessful decompression? Also, you can lead me to grasp when to leave IR state after how many packets have been sent. Is only one packet enough to leave that? I am looking forward to responding my questions. Thanks a lot from now on.

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