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Re: [Question #673503]: sn_wraparound


Question #673503 on rohc changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Didier Barvaux requested more information:

I'm not sure to fully understand your question. I'll try to rephrase it
to highlight my understanding. Tell me if I'm right or wrong.

You are using the ROHC library 1.7.0. You disabled the repair mechanism
that may improve recovery upon CRC failures. With that setup, you
encounter CRC failures while decompressing some network flows. Is it

Is there some packet loss that might explain the CRC failures ? Or some
packet reordering ?

If not, the failures should not happen. It might be some bugs in the
ROHC library or in your program. Maybe related to SN wraparound. Version
1.7.0 is 4 year old. Try upgrading to the latest version. If problem
still occurs and it is reproducible, please send me a network capture of
the faulty flow. I'll analyze and fix the problem

If there is loss or reordering, try to increase the robustness of the
compression with the library API. Upgrading is also a great idea. Newer
versions are more robust to packet loss than old ones, such as 1.7.0.


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