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Re: [Question #675471]: packet type


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

Choosing the best ROHC packet to use is not fully specified in RFCs. Some constraints and
guidelines are given, but choosing the best ROHC packet is left to the implementations.
The RFC 3095 §5.2.7 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3095#section-5.2.7) gives some insights,
especially for the UO-1-ID packet:

  Packet type 1: R-1, R-1-ID, R-1-TS, UO-1, UO-1-ID, UO-1-TS.

      U-mode and O-mode: Only the values of RTP SN, RTP TS and IP-ID can
      be used as references for future compression.  Nonupdating values
      can be provided for other fields using an extension (UO-1-ID).

The UO-1-ID packet with X=1 may be used but not for updating the context with the
new information transmitted in the extension. So, the IR or UOR-2 packets are used
to update the context.


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