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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

> with respect to LSB encoding, there is a intervals f(Vref,K,P), However,
> How can we choose the K,P , especially the value P, it is only according
> to the section 4.5.1 a),b),c),d) in RFC 3095?

Section 4.5.1 of RFC 3095 defines the main principles of the LSB encoding. The value for p is specific to the field that is encoded. Some examples:
* §4.5.5 of RFC3095 defines that the IP-ID offset is encoded with p = 0. That information is repeated in §5.7. 
* §5.7 of RFC3095 defines that the SN field is encoded with p = 1 if bits(SN) <= 4 and p = 2^(bits(SN)-5) - 1  if bits(SN) >  4.
* §5.7 of RFC3095 defines that the TS field is encoded with p = 2^(bits(TS)-2) - 1.

The TCP profile defines that p values in a different way. Its uses the
lsb() function defined in section 4.11.5 of RFC 4997. The 2nd parameter
<offset_param> of the function lsb() is the p parameter defined in RFC
3095. For example, the RFC 6846 defines that the seq_1 packet type of
the TCP profile shall encode the TCP sequence number with as follow:
seq_number =:= lsb(16, 32767). It means that k = 16 and p = 32767.

>  in the TCP profile in the lib, there are many rohc_lsb_shift_t params P,
> how can the values be choosed? e.g. TCP_SN = 4, TCP_window = 16383,
> RTP_SN = 101,TCP_TS_3B = 0x00040000,TCP_TS_4B = 0x04000000 .

The rohc_lsb_shift_t enum lists the different values that are used by
the several ROHC RFCs. See the examples above.


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