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Re: [Question #679313]: (K,P)


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yiyuechan is still having a problem:

       what you answer me above is the WLSB(window width = 4), I
understood it before.However, what I want to know is not it. what I want
to know is as follows:

1\as for the formal notation field =:= lsb(K,P) ,the lsb(K,P) represents the WLSB procedure  or it represents   results of calculating with the WLSB,  from the many  statements,I think it  represent  the  results of calculating with the WLSB, it is a packet type fomat, is it right?
2\if the  lsb(K,P) represents  the  results of calculating with the WLSB, e.g. seq_number =:= lsb(16, 32767),K = 16 is calculated from the WLSB(P = 32767),is it right?  
3\The rohc_lsb_shift_t enum  in lib 2.2.0 lists the different P  values that are used by the several ROHC RFCs. but I can not find the definitions about P values  in RFCs,for example RFC4996, So where  is it?
4\ in the lib 2.2.0, as for seq_number =:= lsb(16, 32767),I can not find the WLSB initialization with P = 32767, if so, How can we get the k = 16bits?  thank you .


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