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Re: A way to let the compressor read and write the headers only?



>As far as I can see the rohc_compress4() reads the complete IP packet
>from one buffer and writes the compressed header(s) and the payload to
>another buffer. Is there a way to set the compressor to only read the
>header(s) and write the compressed headers? The purpose is to avoid
>he unchanged payload from one buffer to another.
>I have tried by setting the struct rohc_buf len member to the length of
>headers but then the compression fails. It seems like the len member
>has to
>match the IP headers total lenght field to obtain successful

Changing the rohc_buf.len value won't work indeed.

Avoiding the copy of the payload is not possible at the moment with the current code base, but it could be implemented as an option to the library API.

Are you interested in such an option ?