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Re: [Question #681693]: Is there anyway to add Packet Loss Concealment


Question #681693 on rohc changed:

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Mohammad Abyan Abdullah gave more information on the question:
   No its not an ROHC standard. Its a voice codec feature. Which we can find on G711 ,SPEEX etc codec. As stated at this site

Insertion-based scheme repairs packet losses by inserting fill-in packets [Goodman et al. (1986) , Wasem et al. (1988)]. The fill–n is usually of simple silence, noise, or repetition of the previous packet. These techniques are easy to implement.

Since ROHC can detect packet losses can we cache the old good packets of
the last rtp sequence and dispatch that packet as replacement for the
expected next sequence packet ?

     Listener is getting RTP packets as sequence  50--51--52--53--LOST--LOST--56--57
      Can we put the 53 Seq no Packets in place of LOST 54 and 55 ? That way some times for frequent RTP  Lost scenario that RTP session doesnt break down so soon. 


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