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Re: Rohctunnel with rohc 2.1.0 library



I'd be interested in either solution, which in fact I was not able to
run with recent ROHC libraries (I understand that the one in app/tunnel
was just a testing over UDP, therefore not really useful).

Most likely, the desired solution would be to recover the "application"
level tunnel based client/server, which is now stuck to rohc-1.7.0.

In particular, I managed to set everything up (so the tunnel creation
and client-server communication is fine), but I'm interested in newer
compression profiles of ROHC as for instance available in rohc-2.3.

All the best!


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> Hello,

>>Is it any possibility to use the rohctunnel app with the 2.1.0 library?
>>The rohctunnel source has compiled using the 2.1.0 library and it
>>the tunnel when running both sides, but it's failed when decompressing.

> What do you call rohctunnel? Is it the application that was once
> located in the app/tunnel/ subdir of the librohc sources? Or the
> IP/ROHC application available on github https://github.com/didier-
> barvaux/iprohc ?

> Regards,
> Didier