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Re: [savanna-all] merging savanna-extra elements



Ok. I've gone through and successfully built and run an image using install.d on Fedora. Let me know if you still get the error using install.d. I hope it was just a transient issue.

FYI, I used DIB at f6cc6bb1.



On 07/11/2013 11:02 AM, Ivan Berezovskiy wrote:

install.d is good place to install packages (like java and hadoop) and
editing its configuration files. First scripts for Fedora was in
subdirectory install.d too, but during installation I got error related
to proc-trigger (input/output errors in proc-trigger). So I decided to
change subdirectory.
Regarding 70,80,90-... vs 11,12,13... This number is position of script
that runs in it subdirectory. All scripts of elements in the same
directories are sorted by number. So the values of these numbers are not
important, but all numbers should be unique within each subdirectories.

Thanks, Ivan

2013/7/10 Matthew Farrellee <matt@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:matt@xxxxxxxxxx>>


    $ tree elements/hadoop/install.d
    |-- 70-setup-java
    |-- 80-setup-hadoop
    `-- 90-setup-ssh
    0 directories, 3 files

    $ tree elements/hadoop_fedora/post-__install.d
    |-- 11-setup-java
    |-- 12-setup-hadoop
    `-- 13-connection-setup
    0 directories, 3 files

    I want to align these two directory structures and filenames.

    install.d vs post-install.d, which is preferred?

    70,80,90-... vs 11,12,13-..., which is preferred?



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