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Re: [Savanna] Merge Fedora and Ubuntu DIB elements


On 07/15/2013 07:34 AM, Ivan Berezovskiy wrote:

I've sent a comment at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/36690/ . So if

I believe the issue is a hadoop.rpm that is out of spec w/ fedora. For instance, it claims to own things like /usr.

It also doesn't have a proper post-install to handle the library files.

I've not seen the issue. Please file a bug for it.

we decided to merge elements, I suggest you to do it in the following way:
1. subdirectory root.d doesn't change.
2. subdirectory install.d should be used to install java on Ubuntu and
3. subdirecotry post-install.d should be used to install hadoop and
configuring ssh on Ubuntu and Fedora.

What's the motivation for this split?

4. your changes in file first-boot.d/99-setup are OK, we only need to
change them for Fedora 19, because default user in Fedora 19 is 'fedora'.

Agreed. AFAIK we don't have F19 yet, so please file a bug on this. Whomever gets it should start tracking DIB (or help DIB get F19).