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Re: General Advice on Implementing School-tool in a rural school with limited internet access


Hi Weiers,

Thanks for the mail and I saw your chat with replaceafill as well on IRC.

> So here are the questions: - and perhaps they are not the best questions
> 1. Is there anybody in South Africa that uses school tool that would be
> prepared to share their experience with this school?

Not that I'm aware of.

> 2. I don't suppose there is any organisation that would be prepared to give
> professional advice to the school as they try to address some of these basic
> needs.

Well, we're not literally an organization, but there is me and three
and a half paid developers working on SchoolTool, so I'd say "yes."

> Which virtualisation package would be best to test school tool with? I have
> played with VirtualBox on my Ubuntu system. I guess that would be the best.

It shouldn't matter.  Whatever is easiest for you to set up and run.

>  4. Let's assume they get Ubuntu installed on a virtual machine and they
> need to install school tool without access to the internet - what packages
> should I try to put on the disk for them? (Assuming that they have a basic
> version of Ubuntu 10.04 running) I was just on the IRC channel and
> replaceafill has suggested that I use Apt-On-Cd to send the files. I am just
> not sure which files would be essential to send.

While I tend to overstate the simplicity of things, being project
manager, I don't see getting the packages you need to a school on a
flash drive or cd to be a serious problem.  I installed my first Linux
distro off a pile of floppies, so it is hardly a new issue.

That said, I don't know exactly what the best solution to that problem
is, but I'm sure we can figure something out within a week or so.

Generally speaking, we're trying to server the kind of school you're
referring to, so your questions and problems are relevant to us!

--Tom Hoffman