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SchoolTool 2011


Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that Mark Shuttleworth has approved funding for
the core SchoolTool development team for 2011, around these basic

SchoolTool Functionality

We will continue to focus on improving the quality, usability and
flexibility of the core components of SchoolTool -- demographics,
enrollment, grades, attendance, reporting.  There is still plenty of
refinement to be done in these complex systems without branching out
into new areas.  In particular, we will focus early in 2011 on report
cards and transcripts and a UI update.  Gradebook refinement will also
be a 2011 priority; a compelling SchoolTool gradebook solution is
within reach.

Boosting Distribution Channels

We now have active channels to get SchoolTool into a lot of schools in
2011, and the top priority is strengthening these channels, including
getting feedback flowing back to us, responding and pushing changes

In order of priority:

Ubuntu and Edubuntu -- get in 11.04, integrate documentation and other

Cambodia -- fully support their pilots if they get things straightened
out on their end.  This is our experiment in working more directly
with government through an NGO.  If it works, it may be a great model
for us; if not, we'll focus on other methods.

Critical Links -- work on cross-marketing, sharing of fixes in both
directions, improving documentation and training so Critical Links
users are getting more value from SchoolTool.

OLE Nepal -- help with local reports and other fixes as necessary to
ensure the success of their pilot.

OLPC/Intel Classmate -- leveraging deployments in Nepal, El Salvador
and via Critical Links servers at Classmate sites to become active
participants in both these high-profile communities.


Exciting times!