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SchoolTool Roadmap in Brief


Here's a compact list of the current plan for SchoolTool over the next
year and 2/3rds.


Current Release (2.1, released April 26)

* Flesh out and refine the 2.0 user interface.

October 2012 Release

* CanDo -- competency, standards or outcome based assessment.  CanDo
has become a big success in Virginia, we're re-writing it from the
ground up to fit into the new UI and to be easily adaptable to other
sets of competencies/standards/outcomes.  CanDo will become part of
the standard distribution of SchoolTool.
* Strengthen and harmonize Gradebook/Journal/CanDo gradebooks,
including auto-saving scores.
* Report styles to match the UI improvements and branding.
* Transcripts

2013 Features

* Parent access.
* Student grade level promotion and improved year rollover.
* Student enrollment statuses; e.g., applied, enrolled, withdrawn
(overall and section).
* API (primarily web services).
* Visualization.  Better data graphics throughout the application.
* Completeness and finish.

Also, with Outside Funding

These are projects that would require new dedicated funding or
development resources, but there is definitely demand for:

* Finance module.
* Moodle integration.
* Multi-school data aggregation & sharing.

I don't think anything there can be removed -- is there anything else
major that is missing (taking into account that "Completeness and
finish" is a big basket)?