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SchoolTool 2.3 Released


The SchoolTool team is happy to announce the release of SchoolTool
2.3, including the first public release of the CanDo.

Since 2005, SchoolTool developers have collaborated with educators at
the Arlington Career Center and Virginia Career and Technical
Education Resource Center on CanDo, an application to support their
complex skill tracking requirements in schools across the

This year we completely re-wrote CanDo to make it equally useful to
schools outside of Virginia and to bring it up to date with
SchoolTool's interface design.

With CanDo:

* Create documents specifying student skills, standards or outcomes
via spreadsheet import or through the web interface.

* Associate groups of skills with courses automatically or manually.

* Create projects with unique combinations of skills.

* Assess student skills through a familiar gradebook-style interface.

* Track the history of student skill achievement across multiple
sections and school years.

* Generate graphical reports by student, section or teacher.

* Integrate with SchoolTool's point based gradebook.

Virginia CTE has more Virginia-specific documentation here:

Feel free to browse it but support questions should be directed to the
SchoolTool team.  We'll be integrating Virginia's documents into The
SchoolTool Book soon.

Full Release Notes Here: http://book.schooltool.org/2.3-release-notes.html

Installation Instructions: http://book.schooltool.org/install-2_0.html

The current plan is to release an update to 2.3 in four to six weeks
which will include a new set of printed reports and design updates to
all the current printed reports.

Current users will not receive this update unless they add our
Launchpad PPA to their software sources.  We do not recommend this
update (or any major feature update) for current production servers
during the school year without careful review and testing.

Thanks to Alan, Douglas, Justas, and Gediminas for all their development work.

Special thanks to David Welsh, Glenda Lewis, Lee Capps, Jeff Elkner,
and the rest of the CanDo community at the Arlington Career Center and
Virginia CTE Resource Center for all their cooperation and support
through the years.

And of course thanks to Mark Shuttleworth for his long term support of

Tom Hoffman
SchoolTool Project Manager