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Hi All,

The "Intervention" component to SchoolTool has been somewhat of an orphan,
but it also had a core of good functionality that we didn't want to throw

Now that CanDo has added skills tracking to SchoolTool, it gives us a good
hook for re-branding and improving "Intervention."  CanDo users have
suggested tying CanDo scores to the existing goals functionality in
Intervention so that the goal could include specific score targets, people
could be updated automatically when the goal was met within CanDo, etc.

It shouldn't be hard technically, and I hope we can have this in our 13.04
release.  Meanwhile, once you look at it this way, it is pretty clear that
"Goals" is a much more straightforward (and positive) title than
"Intervention," so I'm leaning toward making that change.

Thoughts? Comments?


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