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Developers' Reminder: Meeting 2011-21-01 @ 20:00 UTC


This is an update for those who may not know.
SpeechControl is holding its second contigous meeting, this time in
#ubuntu-meeting at 20:00 UTC. This meeting is booked on the Ubuntu
Fridge calender.

A few things that will be addressed under development:

    * openMary and bringing it to Ubuntu
    * Julius and its "ease of use" for Ubuntu developers
    * speechcontrol-daemon integration with speechd (Speech Dispatcher)
    * Future project: Wintermute

I was aware that a portion of the team is interested in one or more of
the following:

    * AI/AGI (Artifical Intelligence & Artifical General Intelligence)
    * NLP (Natural Language Processing)
    * Voice controlled desktops and interfaces

Well, the fun part of SpeechControl has finally arrived. The head
project group that we'll focus on will be discussed in full detail
during tomorrow's meeting at 20:00 UTC. A few prerequisities:

    * /Subscription to the future project has been pre-calibrated. /The
      entire SpeechControl development is indirectly linked to
      Wintermute. You *don't* have to, but it's strongly recommended
      that you participicate where you can.
    * It's also strongly recommended that you *subscribe* to the
      Wintermute Developers' mailing list
      <https://www.launchpad.net/%7Ewintermute-devel> so that you can
      remain up-to-date with project and Wintermute-related information
      and stay up to par.
    * Developing isn't the only way you can contribute to Wintermute!
      Investiage the Wintermute Psychology team
      <https://launchpad.net/%7Ewintermute-psych> to be one of the
      initial inviduals pumping up the AI's release ontologized copies.

Any and /every/ question you have regarding anything mentioned above CAN
be addressed via this mailing list; but *most likely* will be
reiterated, if not said here, during tomorrow's meeting.

Good UTC morning, everyone.
*/Jacky Alcine, New York/*.

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