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Speech Recognition In Ubuntu


One of the vital components (in my opinion) of accessibility in any
platform would be its prowess of *speech recognition*. Speech
recognition is actually different than voice recognition. Speech
recognition's designed for a large set of persons, perhaps 500 different
voices, whereas voice recognition's calibrated for one.

This being said, I'm curious as to how one would go about to collect
voices to further enhance one's experience with speech recognition.
VoxForge seems to have a large GPL corpus, but it's a bit tedious to
install (that of which is simply remedied in a later project). I'm
considering having a means of compiling local voices that are calibrated
to one's voice for local usage. As the user speaks with the engine, it
should be able to train asynchronously, thus giving it the ability to
*fluently* understand a user.

I'm currently working on a presentational document to portray to the
team regarding the such and if it's a feasible task. Please reply with
your comments and suggestions.

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