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Who are we?


Well, after driving three padawans insane, I went and did it myself. So get
your details all updated else I will set Manuela on you all! (Me thinks that
her last request for a column to be added was the one that sent the last one
of them insane.... but they are young and will recover).

Once we have all the details, we can discuss what order to sort it in /
split it into, let's just get every one on there first!

Now is a good time to ask if you would like a column adding for the last
time you went to toilet! My poor little padawans..... But they have learned
to come and get me when they are completely stuck :D

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpeechControl/WhoWeAre I Expect it fully completed
in 24 hours... or else I'll send Manuela round! :P