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Re: Hello rx007


Hello Undi, team,

I'm fine! Thank you very much for asking my status. 

I'm sorry for being inactive this past month as we just moved in to a new house. Most of my stuffs including my ubuntu server are still inside boxes. 

Then, this huge earthquake strucked Miyagi, the north eastern part of japan. I'm hundreds of miles away from the epicenter but the shaking here in Tokyo is terrible. The buildings are shaking up and down, swaying left and right. And it didn't stop there. The aftershocks and other earthquakes keep coming in from time to time, and most are huge shaking. Just this morning, there's another round of shaking. 

I'm also worried about the affected nuclear reactor because I'm just 200km away. And the news said there's an increase radiation level around the area. 

Please let the team know me and my family here are safe. I will definitely come back when I fix my stuffs and the situation gets calm. Please send my regards to others. I still havent forgot you all too. Thank you!


On 2011/03/16, at 4:17, UndiFineD <undifined@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello rx007,
> With all the recent news and a previous send email, we still have not
> heard from you.
> Are you alright ? please let us know, as the team is worried about you.
> -- 
> Met vriendelijke groeten,
> Keimpe de Jong
> (UndiFineD)

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