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broken with sii


We broke with SII,

This will not stop us though, but some people will have to choose what
they want to do.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Keimpe de Jong
Mar 22 00:59:21 <JackyAlcine>	http://pastebin.com/uUyhtc0U
Mar 22 01:12:36 <hajour>	ok short say making money .and if you want open source JackyAlcine  that is what i read.the old things money and honer .yes i can understand if you make things people want recognition from there work.that i fully understand.but if i see this.then i wonder what is the mean thing from all
Mar 22 01:14:13 <hajour>	also UndiFineD  is wondering about if sii go trough if that  still means speechcontrol give all knowlegde but not get knowledge back some Ai from wintermute that is still not clear for some it seams
Mar 22 01:15:02 <hajour>	i think now is the time to go think all over and sleep a night and then go further if everyone agree
Mar 22 01:15:56 <hajour>	JackyAlcine, phillw1 and who is in this all ^
Mar 22 01:19:52 <hajour>	btw that is what UndiFineD  had understand out of phillw s words JackyAlcine
Mar 22 01:20:48 <UndiFineD>	it does not matter today
Mar 22 01:21:03 <UndiFineD>	JackyAlcine: have some fun
Mar 22 01:21:16 <UndiFineD>	I find that much more important right now
Mar 22 01:21:23 <hajour>	btw for to let know i am not annoyed and i am not angry also
Mar 22 01:21:45 <UndiFineD>	me neither, we all made good progress
Mar 22 01:22:07 <hajour>	info for to for come misunderstanding again
Mar 22 01:23:18 <hajour>	i agree whit UndiFineD  let step back a few hours /night and have some fun.tomorrow there will be a other day again
Mar 22 01:23:59 <hajour>	ok UndiFineD  says for to for come need to be for to prevent
Mar 22 01:24:28 <hajour>	so sorry for the wrong words again
Mar 22 01:25:29 <hajour>	till tomorrow all
Mar 22 02:34:00 <hajour>	so JackyAlcine  ii heard from UndiFineD  and phillw tomorrow there will go send logs to you where is proof in the ai part was my idea.i am angry to hear not only it was split of from speechcontrol. what i already found odd .but to hear you basicly go work on the basic idea from my so that means speechcontrol and sort of speaking most time work on wintermute.what i already saw happening. and sort of say you want to leave speechcontr
Mar 22 02:34:00 <hajour>	ol .not have the guts to say it straight in my face well i got no words for this.
Mar 22 02:34:21 <hajour>	yes we have saved all logs mails ect
Mar 22 02:34:29 <hajour>	also from adverts
Mar 22 02:34:36 <hajour>	ring a bell dante?
Mar 22 02:35:38 <hajour>	it never was about money
Mar 22 02:35:56 <hajour>	but what was a slap in the face is this
Mar 22 02:36:11 <hajour>	i have a idea everybody says no to hard ect
Mar 22 02:36:17 <hajour>	then i build a team
Mar 22 02:36:37 <hajour>	with very much uncooperation
Mar 22 02:36:55 <hajour>	after that dante comes claims it is his idea
Mar 22 02:38:03 <hajour>	everyone go to dante and i am streated like dirt .we have to tolerate hajour pain in the ass. because you all new it was my idea but not tell it.
Mar 22 02:38:29 <hajour>	you all only swhere afraid i was going do difficult because it was mine idea
Mar 22 02:39:05 <hajour>	and after i had promise i not go break wintermute ect then i am slowly worked out
Mar 22 02:39:40 <hajour>	well yes after this shit i will tell to other in fact in silence many already know it
Mar 22 02:40:41 <hajour>	you will notice you cant do this just what you want walk over people and own the world .people do not own the world the world owns people.
Mar 22 02:41:52 <hajour>	so give dev from speechcontrol over to someone else jacky note that all from speechcontrol devs will stay from speechcontrol
Mar 22 02:42:12 <hajour>	head dev function over to a other
Mar 22 02:45:32 *	MasterComputer bangs his head against a desk. Repeatadly
Mar 22 02:46:05 <hajour>	ask what phillw had said in pm to UndiFineD
Mar 22 02:46:27 <hajour>	whole thing without putting lines out
Mar 22 02:46:33 <MasterComputer>	you have totally lost me, hajour
Mar 22 02:46:57 <hajour>	do you have any idea what all is going on in pms MasterComputer
Mar 22 02:47:11 <MasterComputer>	No...
Mar 22 02:47:17 <hajour>	i not like this  crap
Mar 22 02:47:25 <MasterComputer>	I do not understand, can you explain?
Mar 22 02:47:29 <hajour>	i not like not honest
Mar 22 02:48:13 <hajour>	i had a idea i told in  accessibility first time UndiFineD  told you in adverts
Mar 22 02:48:37 <hajour>	you was going enthusiastic about it
Mar 22 02:48:39 <MasterComputer>	What idea was that?
Mar 22 02:48:52 <hajour>	in mail you responded after that
Mar 22 02:49:00 <hajour>	the voice command
Mar 22 02:49:27 <hajour>	what later was split of from speechcontrol under weird reasons
Mar 22 02:49:35 <MasterComputer>	voice command?
Mar 22 02:49:38 <MasterComputer>	What voice command?
Mar 22 02:49:48 <MasterComputer>	speech recognition?
Mar 22 02:50:04 <hajour>	star trek like you know because it was told you in advers
Mar 22 02:50:25 <hajour>	we have the logs mails everything dante
Mar 22 02:50:36 <hajour>	long live back ups
Mar 22 02:50:45 <MasterComputer>	Hajour, are you accusing me of theft of an idea?
Mar 22 02:52:33 <hajour>	at least hijack a program
Mar 22 02:52:47 <hajour>	i not want the money understand
Mar 22 02:53:09 <hajour>	but i have a idea after a couple of months everyone act it is from you only
Mar 22 02:53:25 <hajour>	i am streated like a stupid woman
Mar 22 02:54:06 <hajour>	and just come whit long story s what say nothing or whit hidden messages in it never strait out
Mar 22 02:54:08 <MasterComputer>	Hajour, dear, I am going to send an email out onto that list that might explain things
Mar 22 02:55:06 <hajour>	i want honesty and at least some reqonition that i the basic idea whas from speechcontrol ai
Mar 22 02:55:43 <MasterComputer>	...my dear, it wasnt. Wintermute was an idea I've had in my head for 10 years. When I met up with Jacky, I could start building it
Mar 22 02:55:55 <MasterComputer>	Jacky was trying to build something already that was quite like it
Mar 22 02:56:01 <hajour>	then the thought i wanted give 90 % from profit from the equipment idea to support winterute
Mar 22 02:56:42 <hajour>	you know what i wanted whit speechcontrol from beginning
Mar 22 02:57:15 <hajour>	the memory in it to whit pop ups speaking pop ups ect
Mar 22 02:57:42 <hajour>	it would be a great program
Mar 22 02:57:47 <MasterComputer>	I did not 'steal' your idea at all. SpeechControl requires part of my idea, and with Jacky's help, I started buidling it
Mar 22 02:58:50 <hajour>	speechcontrol is only a speechprogram i reember that words from several persons .winterute only do ai
Mar 22 02:59:11 <MasterComputer>	SpeechControl requires a brain, no?
Mar 22 02:59:11 <hajour>	sorry if i am angry i go type whit faults in it
Mar 22 02:59:26 <MasterComputer>	Then I'd advise you to calm down, because there is nothing to be angry about!
Mar 22 02:59:41 <hajour>	well seen last ail?
Mar 22 02:59:44 <hajour>	mail
Mar 22 02:59:57 <hajour>	then the pm from phillw after that
Mar 22 03:00:14 <hajour>	what you expect i would think of that
Mar 22 03:00:55 <MasterComputer>	the last mail from phillw?
Mar 22 03:01:30 <hajour>	have you any idea how it is like if someone comes in speechcontrol and not speaks to me like i am a poppet
Mar 22 03:01:40 <hajour>	no phillw said in pm
Mar 22 03:01:46 <hajour>	to UndiFineD
Mar 22 03:01:47 <phillw>	MasterComputer: for what ever reason, possibly lost in translation, speechcontrol appear under the impresssion that jacky is leaving them. I must have phrased it incorrectly.
Mar 22 03:02:12 <MasterComputer>	I grow tired of miscommunication. *sigh*
Mar 22 03:02:34 <UndiFineD>	then do it right dammit
Mar 22 03:03:04 <hajour>	jacky want most time work on the ai but ai is split off from speechcontrol right
Mar 22 03:03:22 <MasterComputer>	...
Mar 22 03:03:39 <hajour>	jacky is head dev is he is not around to tell tasks to the devs most work not go be done
Mar 22 03:03:41 <phillw>	hajour: SC are now in charge of the implementation of wintermute into speechcontrol. What was hard about that?
Mar 22 03:04:36 <hajour>	i not want to be treated like i am a moran
Mar 22 03:04:56 <MasterComputer>	Alright, fine. Everyone in the room knows of burnout, yes?
Mar 22 03:04:59 <MasterComputer>	This is mine.
Mar 22 03:04:59 <phillw>	I just cannot win here. At 1st you were about being swallowed up into SII, now you have been given a clear role you are once again complaining.
Mar 22 03:05:32 <hajour>	no you said about jacky phillw
Mar 22 03:06:13 <hajour>	JackyAlcine,  have phillw told the truth here yes or no i want to know it
Mar 22 03:06:40 <MasterComputer>	Jacky appears to be dead.
Mar 22 03:06:50 <hajour>	if you can tell in pm to phillw
Mar 22 03:07:04 <phillw>	hajour: I said Jacky wished to put SII slightly to one side and concentrate on wintermute, which... if my poor memory serves me, speech control needs as it's AI engine. Now please do feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
Mar 22 03:07:22 <hajour>	then tell here in my face i want to know what is truth and what is lie
Mar 22 03:07:41 <MasterComputer>	parts of Wintermute can be used as the core of SpeechControl
Mar 22 03:08:00 <MasterComputer>	That was why, in the design Jacky drew up, Wintermute is modular
Mar 22 03:08:09 <hajour>	understand speechcontrol i can get in linux basic
Mar 22 03:08:31 <hajour>	i already be talking about it
Mar 22 03:08:55 <hajour>	that means it go get some founding money what ever
Mar 22 03:09:15 <hajour>	that can hold wintermute alive and speechcontrol
Mar 22 03:09:41 <hajour>	90 % will go to hold the programs also from equipment
Mar 22 03:10:03 <hajour>	anyway that was what i thought what was going to happen
Mar 22 03:10:19 <hajour>	so you see i not only think on speechcontrol
Mar 22 03:10:39 <hajour>	i am not egoistic
Mar 22 03:11:05 <UndiFineD>	but what is the point, if all people from SC are taken away and not show up during the meeting, there is no point to talk to air
Mar 22 03:11:22 <hajour>	is it then so weird i just want some recognition
Mar 22 03:11:33 <hajour>	the only thing i ask
Mar 22 03:12:23 <hajour>	i saw it all connected :(
Mar 22 03:16:09 <MasterComputer>	UndiFineD, that was never my intention
Mar 22 03:16:25 <hajour>	but that is happening now
Mar 22 03:17:10 <hajour>	the ai part was go to wintermute completely but most devs cae by speechcontrol because of the ai part
Mar 22 03:17:43 <MasterComputer>	well, I'm sorry, my dear, but I don't control who goes to which project.
Mar 22 03:17:44 <hajour>	with taking ai away by sort of speaking interest from devs is very uch less
Mar 22 03:18:41 <hajour>	uch=much
Mar 22 03:23:33 <MasterComputer>	hajour, I do not control who is interested in what.
Mar 22 03:24:51 <hajour>	no but take away ai split of from speechcontrol was jacky and you idea
Mar 22 03:25:23 <MasterComputer>	no, hajour
Mar 22 03:25:30 <MasterComputer>	I had an idea about AI
Mar 22 03:25:36 <hajour>	who is a little smart had seen coming the problems for speechcontrol trough that
Mar 22 03:25:48 <MasterComputer>	I find SpeechControl, who led me to Jacky
Mar 22 03:26:08 <MasterComputer>	Jacky shows me his plans for his own AI system, completely outside of SpeechControl
Mar 22 03:26:20 <hajour>	no undi told you my idea in adverts so you find speechcontrol
Mar 22 03:26:35 <MasterComputer>	Yes, I find speechcontrol
Mar 22 03:26:38 <MasterComputer>	who led me to Jacky
Mar 22 03:26:58 <MasterComputer>	who told me of SpeechControl's requirements, and also told me of his own AI idea for a seperate project.
Mar 22 03:27:09 <MasterComputer>	Guess what.
Mar 22 03:27:12 <hajour>	and you new already from the idea what speechcontrol was meant to become
Mar 22 03:27:22 <hajour>	yes i know i am out
Mar 22 03:27:42 <MasterComputer>	We started working on his idea, with mine. Not SpeechControl's brain, that's only a side-effect, it's NOT why we're creating Wintermute.
Mar 22 03:27:48 <hajour>	because i am the only one who not say things behind backs but traight in the face
Mar 22 03:28:33 <MasterComputer>	SpeechControl: a system designed to take commands through speech, recognize them, and use a tiny brain to make sense of that.
Mar 22 03:28:49 <MasterComputer>	My god, we could of built most of that by now if we did not have all this shit to get through
Mar 22 03:29:34 <MasterComputer>	At no point did I have any relation to SpeechControl, other then talking to it's head of dev, and being friends with Undi.
Mar 22 03:29:38 <hajour>	yes but that comes the secretly behaviour what is going on all this time
Mar 22 03:29:42 <MasterComputer>	I'd also like to think, hajour, that we are friends.
Mar 22 03:29:47 <UndiFineD>	eh .. hajour and my ideas stretch a bit further than that dante
Mar 22 03:29:49 <MasterComputer>	but your making it hard for me to beleive that.
Mar 22 03:30:10 <MasterComputer>	That was what the SC wiki led me to think.
Mar 22 03:30:28 <hajour>	well that also counts otherwise
Mar 22 03:30:41 <MasterComputer>	So yes, right now, I'm pretty much ready to say "fuck you" to everyone, and just go and live my final few months on this fucking planet without all this hassel.#
Mar 22 03:31:15 <hajour>	do not bother i am gone

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