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My Resignation as Head of Development


Fellow F/OSS collagues, I do have a bit of a late message to convey to
SpeechControl. Over the last past few months, I think that in my
entire team of being with the Ubuntu and largely the Linux community
as a whole, that SpeechControl has quite not only a clout when it
comes to other team maneuverability, but  it also seems to lack a real
sense of development.

Now, understand, as head of development, I only carry out what was
placed in front of me, I don't conjure up ideas, might as well be the
team leader then. I basically translate Greek into g33k talk, so to
say. I can tell you, something I'd stand by, that SpeechControl wasn't
the name of an artificial intelligence project, but rather a term
coined to a collection of individuals that were bringing the concrete
to mend the holes in speech technologies lacking in Ubuntu.

Before I encountered SpeechControl (found it in an interest of speech
technologies on Ubuntu for a personal project of mine
[https://www.launchpad.net/taylor]), I was working on a project that I
had no full comprehension of. I wanted to re-create the artificial
intelligence found in Tony Stark's household from DC Comics' "Iron
Man". Undi introduced me to Dante, who, after a bit of discussion,
shared the exact same passion I envisioned.

An intelligent, autonomous, and affectingly computing system toolkit.
I started it on Windows, but was a bit limited and wanted people to
add to it; hence my discovery of Ubuntu and its subsidiarity (or
cohorts, lol). When the Wintermute project began to blossom, I was
then informed that SpeechControl wasn't just a banner but rather a
full toolkit. I was confused because I wasn't ever given instruction
to begin designing or laying down such an application framework. Even
then, I didn't have the knowledge I have now to properly do that. In
short, I felt like I was wasting a bit of time with SpeechControl.

Don't get me wrong, I do still have my commitment to the project, as
I've promised to keep it alive. But until I need to, I won't. I've
done what I can for the project.

Wintermute is a project that I have to say that I have deep ties with
now. I've sat down and coded every line (with the help of Adrian ;D)
with the knowledge that I grasped from late night discussions with
Dante and other individuals. What Wintermute will become initially is
the assimilation of what I've learned about linguistics and semantics.
Wintermute (hopefully) will be an amazing beaut, and one that I'll be

The largest amount of productivity made in SpeechControl were made by
AlanBell (the MARY integration into speechd) and Daniel0108 (his
tremendous work on BrowserSpeak). I spend my time coding and I wish to
spend it in an environment that's willing to teach and receive. I
didn't fully find that in SpeechControl, but the time I've spent with
the Wintermute probably bumped my conceptual understanding of computer
science tenfold.

Deepest regards, but I hereby resign as head developer of the
SpeechControl project.

Jacky Alcine
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