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On 23/10/11 07:28, Abhijit Navale wrote:
Sorry for late reply.

No worries, my friend.

I was thinking what to do.
So I decided to resign from SC team leader post.
As you know when I accepted SC at that time I was thinking to take it as my last year project. But then some things went wrong and I was unable to take it as my project. So after that there was no work done on SC. Then my exams are due in December. So first I though to do something about SC after dec. But then i received email from phill asking to resign because I was not doing any activity. I thought its right becuase its better to handle the project to someone who can actually run it rather than keeping it in suspension.

Have you handed it to anybody? Is the team active?

In one email phill mentioned some expendiure done on SC website etc. But I am not aware about it.
Yes, Phill donated some resources to building up a web area for SC; he was rather annoyed when another project decided to play ownership over it.

I only know about google group email. But thats free. If you want any more clearification from me please let me know. If after december I become able to contribute then I will contribute in documentation for SC. Lastly thanks for the support from phill and dante. If I was active then this could have been a good project. May be we can work in some other project in future! :-)

I look forward to it, my friend, and I wish you good luck with your exams!

Bye. TC.

On 15 October 2011 05:31, Danté Ashton <dante.ashton@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:dante.ashton@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Phill's right, my friend. No one believes him, neither did I when
    he said he could bring me all these wonderful tools...

    Anyway, long story short; we're getting a bit concerned here, is
    SC capable of operating? UBT has apparently been a bit silly
    regarding the project's upstream status. We're currently not sure
    if SC is alive or dead

    If you don't want to deal with SC anymore, we understand, but
    we'll need to bring back some/all of the code for our project as
    we are working again, things are moving on and we'll need to ask
    you to release it to us if that is the case.

    If, however, you wish to continue SC, by all means, do so; you
    have our support.
    Let us know in either case, though sadly, due to our deadline, if
    we don't hear back from you by the end of the year, we're going to
    have to assume it's a 'No, I don't want to continue SC' and take
    back some of the code Jacky created.

-- -Danté Ashton
    Synthetic Intellect Institute

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