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Some notes on installing Swift on Fedora


I've recently brought up Swift on a Fedora 13 VM, and would like to
offer the following minor changes to the SAIO documentation at

For the section "As root on guest ...", change the following:
1. Don't bother trying to install "python-software-properties". This 
doesn't seem to be necessary under Fedora. Or at least you'll be 
able to upload and download files via `st`, without it.

2. For step 4 listed in the SAIO, instead of apt-get ..., the package 
names are almost similar. The correct command is:

yum install curl gcc bzr memcached python-configobj python-coverage 
python-devel python-nose python-setuptools python-simplejson 
python-xattr sqlite xfsprogs python-webob python-eventlet 
python-greenlet python-paste-deploy

Under step 12, "service rsync restart", that doesn't apply under 
Fedora. Fedora places rsyncd under xinetd, like other similar 
daemons. So you have to do the following:

   - yum install xinetd
   - perl -pi -e 's/disable\s=\syes/disable =  
no/g' /etc/xinetd.d/rync
   - chkconfig --add xinetd
   - chkconfig xinetd on
   - service xinetd start

I also note that I found the preferred way to get swift up and 
running was via checking out the source code, and not using the 
RPMs. These need a little work presently, in order to be able to 
duplicate the SAIO approach. They are still useful, for easily 
bringing in the `st` command, and related support.



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