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Reducing dependencies & Ant'ing the plugins


Hi everyone,

With regard to the variety of Linux distributions and other OSs
Syncany is (hopefully) going to be used on, I think we need to do some
sort of dependency management. Some packages are available on some
systems, others are not. Especially on Windows (and OSX?), all
dependencies have to be shipped with the application.

Does anybody know how other projects do that?

>From the top of my head, I'd suggest to have all required JARs in the
library folder and write different Ant scripts for the different
platforms. However, that would mean that the library folder would
become very large very quickly...

Any other ideas? Comments? Anybody interested in doing that? Would be
of great help!

I think the above dependency issues are also relevant for the plugins
and their dependencies. I believe carrying around all the plugins with
the main application is not a good thing, because most people will use
only one or two of them. I think it would be great to have one JAR
file per plugin and the possibility to put them in a plugin folder
(e.g. ~/.syncany/plugins).

Again, I could really use some help with this so I can concentrate on
the main synchronization algorithm.


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