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Re: Syncany running on OSX


On 06/27/2011 01:44 PM, Philipp Heckel wrote:
Hi Samuel,

in the syncany.sh file, the "-Xms512m -Xmx512m" parameters dont really
make sense. They mean maximum memory and minimum memory, right?
Shouldn't it be just a minimum of -Xms256m or something like that? Or
is this a Mac thing?

After I switched to using JarBundler for creating Syncany.app it is no longer necessary to change syncany.sh so you can revert the change I made to the script. The reason for the change was Mac specific. I will take a closer look at the max/min heap size settings when I get home and adjust minimum heap size.

2011/6/27 Philipp Heckel<philipp.heckel@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Samuel,

that sounds great.

I pushed the changes I've made to the project at lp:sammi/syncany/mac . I
have added:

Basic notification support with Growl (http://growl.info)
Ant target that bundles all relevant files into Syncany.app with JarBundler
Changes to BufferedWatcher.java so that is portable between operating

I have tested Syncany.app on other osx machine and it works out of the box.
I'll merge your branch into my "newsync" branch. Once I decide to make
the "newsync" branch the new trunk, it'll be available for everyone.

I looked at the documentation for jpathwatch and had to remove the BSD
ENTRY_RENAME_FROM and ENTRY_RENAME_TO events since they are not supported in
BSDPathWatchService.java. I have now made modification to the
BufferedWatcher.java so that I checks for which operating system is running
and assigns the right KIND instead of hardcoding it. The code that I changed
outside of contrib directory was just for better read and is something that
I did not intend to change.  I do agree that It is probably best to create
MacBufferedWatcher and other inheritance where we have to deal with mac
specific issues. But for now I think that this small modification I've made
to the BufferedWatcher.java does not need to be in a subbclass of
Good choice. I probably would have done the same thing :-D