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Re: Roadmap?



Le 02/12/2013 13:30, Vincent Wiencek a écrit :
>> In my opinion, the GUI stuff can wait ;-)
> Yes, GUI part can sure wait. However even if i't not on critical 
> path, we can move forward on GUI dev in parallel, without any impact 
> on core development, thus one of the main requirement would be to 
> switch to "gradle" model, of course if everyone is OK with proposed 
> architecture.

Indeed with you nice rest like model, dev can be done in parallel with
no major difficulties. In particular, this will impose a very strong
barrier between the two parts of the program and thus help limiting race
conditions and other super annoying issues you get when the gui is
tightly integrated with the main program.

>> What do you think?
> Roadmap is an excellent idea. We could use a gdrive spreadsheet ?

That or possibly a page on the github wiki?



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