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Eclipse plugins for database modeling



Do any of you have a positive experience with a database modeling plugin
for Eclipse? I'd like to start experimenting with a database model (see
the discussion thread here:
https://lists.launchpad.net/syncany-team/msg00596.html). I did a first
entity relationship diagram with mysql workspace (open source and rather
nice), but I'd like to have everything under Eclipse for two reasons:
1) easy to share with all developers
2) database plugins for Eclipse generally support embeddable java
database engine (such as http://www.h2database.com).

I need at least ER modeling with sql table creation, but general
database support would be better. It _must_ be open source :-)

I've found a lot of plugins doing more or less what I want and I will
not bore you with a list. Right now it seems that DBeaver
(http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/) could be a good choice as it is very
complete and under active development.

Do you have some experience with DBeaver? Would you recommend it or
something else?

Thanks in advance,



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