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Syncany GUI Feedback (cont'd)


Hello again Vincent,

looks veerry nice: http://imgur.com/a/szTlJ#0

Again, I changed a few things; mainly made the wizard window larger and
changed the font sizes for Linux again (larger). Not sure if this should be
system dependent...

As I said in my other e-mail, I really like what you did so far. It
certainly looks really great and you also improved the code quality quite a

Here are again some remarks:

1. I think we should remove the [ ] E-Mail and [ ] FTP checkboxes and
combine these two screens http://imgur.com/a/szTlJ#2 (plugin selection) and
http://imgur.com/a/szTlJ#3 (plugin-specific panel) to a single screen, like
this: http://www.syncany.org/screenshots/wizard2.png

What do you think about that?

This would mean also removing the RepositoryEmailPanel.

2. I noticed that you added a "Test" button to the FTP panel and added a
backend-specific test implementation. I think this could/should be part of
the TransferManager implementation.I'll implement that for you in the

That's it for now.



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