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from what I can tell, in the Gui there is work for a daemon process that
can watch a directory and communicate with a gui.
That is great. However it seems to me that this is a very specialized
task. Plugins sometimes need a daemon process as well and I do not feel
that it would be good to have several daemon processes for running

For example for sharing data via torrent a seeding-process is needed
that runs the torrent library. It would be great if plugins could hook
into that daemon and have a custom method run in their own thread inside
that daemon.

How do you feel about plugins being able to register tasks at the daemon
process which will run them?

It is not clear to me how signalling could be achieved in that situation
or even how Exceptions should be handled. Should the daemon handle them?
- It has to since it is the only process seeing those exceptions but it
can't as it cannot guess what the plugins are doing in those threads.
What is your take on the matter?


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