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Syncany progress update


Hello Syncany fans,

it has been a long time since I sent out an update on the progress. So here
it goes:

- I mentioned in a separate e-mail that we released the first alpha
release. Version 0.1.0-alpha is available for download at
- We are planning at least monthly releases for now, increasing the patch
version (0.1.z) every month. The roadmap has not yet been updated to
reflect that, but I will do that in the next few days. See
- Version 0.1.x will try to increase stability and usability (more tests,
refactoring, etc.). It will still focus entirely on the CLI. No daemon, no
- Version 0.2.x might focus on bigger concepts such as the daemon and clear
interfaces for desktop GUI, web interface, mobile client, plugin threads
(see BT plugin!), etc. I will send a separate e-mail to discuss the daemon.
It is one of the next major steps we need to take!

*: *
- Plugin management: Implement "sy plugin
(list|install|activate|deactivate)" to dynamically download, load, and
activate plugins (issue #26)
- Better / more understandable help texts (issue #81)
- Atomic operations; possibility to atomically execute TransferManager
commands (possible?) (issue #64)
- Windows build support and add Syncany to PATH by Windows installer (issue
- Simplify crypto concept, no cipher nesting (issues #28 and #59)
- WebDAV / https certificate+truststore support (#50 -- help needed!)
- Fixing bugs: timrzone in tests bug (#79), SQL constraint (#58)

- Not started yet; discussion will follow

*Other project information:*
- The website looks very unprofessional and old; it does not reflect the
current developments; There's an issue to create a new website. Pim has
picked it up. If you're interested in helping, feel free to do so:
- The *Syncany wiki *is getting more information by the hour. I am moving
all of the distributed information to this central place. If you have
additions, feel free to edit stuff yourself. Check out
- We switched to the nvie.com git branching model and to semantic
versioning (see wiki for more info)

Stay tuned!