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EclipseCon France talk



For the majority of people who don't know me I am a sporadic
contributor working on the implementation of read/write access using
authentication with a potentially different password on top of the
current encryption/authentication provided by AES+GCM.
You can find my work here :

with some discussions about it and more implementation details here :

I have the opportunity to propose a talk to the EclipseCon France
happening in Toulouse the 18-19 June.

What do you think about it ?
I was planning to present the goals, current architecture, roadmap,
work in progress, growing community with link/QR Code to the github
I think it could be a valuable promotion that could attract some
competent java developers.

First I need to provide an abstract of 20 lines with a catchy title
(NSA :P ?) before next monday so I can make a proposal and if it is
retained I will work on slides (and perhaps a little demo) : I am open
to your suggestions, and will send a draft abstract soon, feal free to
Of course I will list as coauthor anyone willing to help me with it,
with Philipp included anyway since I will be reusing a lot of his docs
If anyone is interested to attend the conference in person I would
gladly share the talk.



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